JDL Transportation UK Ltd

JDL deliver transport & logistic services throughout the nation based in the UK

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Call: 020 3560 4753 or 020 8150 3366

Email: sales@jdlservice.com

Email: traffic@jdlservice.com

Our prices are very competitive

We will provide reliable and best logistics services at a reasonable price and deliver on time

Our aim to deliver

Our services are to provide and deliver cargo throughout the whole of UK

We work hard to understand and respond to our customers’ needs

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Delivering cargo can be stressful and expensive. We are here to help you.

We will provide reliable and best cargo services at a reasonable price.

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JDL Transportation UK Ltd was established in 2015 to provide a wide range of container haulage services based in UK.

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We are located in London and provide container services all over the UK.

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We don't want our customers to loose their valuable time in searching for right container transport provider. We do this for you quickly. We offer free quotation to serve you faster.

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